Club House Feature

The architectural spirit of the Katsura Imperial Villa, which is an ideal image of the mutual relationship between architecture and gardens, is expressed with modern sensibility and modern technology, creating a space where people who lead a busy life can truly relax.

Entrance Hall

Entrance Hall

It has a ceiling height of two layers and is surrounded by granite walls that are continuous with the outer wall. From the front wall, the light from the skylight pours through the lattice.



A space with a high ceiling that connects the entrance hall, dining room, lounge, locker room, and starting terrace, surrounded on both sides by lacquered colonnades sprinkled with gold dust, soft light pours down from the top light in the center.

The Irimoya roof that blends into the garden

The Irimoya roof blends nicely into the pond garden, making it look like a painting. The roof is a stainless steel tiered roof, and the combination of lattice and mirror glass is devised to incorporate modern techniques while preserving traditional beauty.

  • Kyuten


  • Rakumyo


Special Room

On the 2nd floor, there are two special rooms, Japanese and Western, with a dining room, locker room, and bathroom, which can be used by groups of up to 12 people each.

Bath room & Locker room
We have designed it so that you can enjoy the view from the bathroom so that you can not only refresh your tired body, but also refresh your mind by immersing yourself in an extraordinary space.
Parking Lot
We have a covered parking lot that can accommodate more than 200 vehicles.

Driving Range

Driving Range

A stage with a distance of 300 yards and a width of 3 m can be used as a driving range.

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Breathtaking View

The view from the table in the dining room/lounge. While tilting a glass or chatting, what spreads out beyond is the panoramic view that extends from the course to the Tado mountain range. In front of you is a Karesansui that has been perfectly arranged.